${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Hyperspectral imaging for non-destructive prediction of total nitrogen concentration in almond kernels Wed 27 Mar 2019 16:52:50 AEST ]]> Variability in crude protein and mineral nutrient concentrations of almonds Wed 27 Mar 2019 16:45:46 AEST ]]> Technical note: Manipulating interactions between plant stress responses and soil methane oxidation rates Wed 27 Feb 2019 10:55:44 AEST ]]> Effects of pre-planting site management on soil organic matter and microbial community functional diversity in subtropical Australia Wed 26 Feb 2020 15:44:22 AEST ]]> The effect of permeable pavements with an underlying base layer on the ecophysiological status of urban trees Wed 26 Feb 2020 15:30:32 AEST ]]> Growth and yield of 5 years old teak and flueggea in single and mixed species forestry systems in the Solomon Islands Wed 19 Jun 2019 14:06:39 AEST ]]> Relationships between Nut Size, Kernel Quality, Nutritional Composition and Levels of Outcrossing in Three Macadamia Cultivars Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:57:05 AEST ]]> Effects of roasting on kernel peroxide value, free fatty acid, fatty acid composition and crude protein content Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:56:54 AEST ]]> Nutritional quality of almond, canarium, cashew and pistachio and their oil photooxidative stability Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:56:31 AEST ]]> Eco-toxicological effects of the avermectin family with a focus on abamectin and ivermectin Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:34:56 AEST ]]> Short-term application of mulch, roundup and organic herbicides did not affect soil microbial biomass or bacterial and fungal diversity Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:34:08 AEST ]]> Glyphosate: Environmental contamination, toxicity and potential risks to human health via food contamination Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:32:44 AEST ]]> An investigation on some biological traits of Trichogramma brassicae Bezd. On the eggs of angoumois grain moth Sitotraga cerealella Oliv. Wed 15 Apr 2020 11:26:43 AEST ]]> Appraisal of 15N enrichment and 15N natural abundance methods for estimating N2 fixation by understorey Acacia leiocalyx and A. disparimma in a native forest of subtropical Australia Wed 12 Feb 2020 16:59:39 AEST ]]> Tree plantation systems influence nitrogen retention and the abundance of nitrogen functional genes in the Solomon Islands Wed 12 Feb 2020 14:11:42 AEST ]]> Effect of biochar amendment on yield and photosynthesis of peanut on two types of soils Wed 12 Feb 2020 13:08:38 AEST ]]> Evaluating the effects of phytoremediation with biochar additions on soil nitrogen mineralization enzymes and fungi Wed 05 Sep 2018 16:10:22 AEST ]]> Late-dropping macadamia nuts have reduced shelf life Wed 01 Apr 2020 11:04:17 AEST ]]> The effects of tree spacing regime and tree species composition on mineral nutrient composition of cocoa beans and canarium nuts in 8-year-old cocoa plantations Tue 30 Jul 2019 11:51:40 AEST ]]> Short-term dynamics of carbon and nitrogen using compost, compost-biochar mixture and organo-mineral biochar Tue 18 Feb 2020 11:48:34 AEST ]]> Biochar Production From Agricultural and Forestry Wastes and Microbial Interactions Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:42:27 AEST ]]> A non-destructive determination of peroxide values, total nitrogen and mineral nutrients in an edible tree nut using hyperspectral imaging Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:40:09 AEST ]]> Short-term effects of organo-mineral biochar and organic fertilisers on nitrogen cycling, plant photosynthesis, and nitrogen use efficiency Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:39:52 AEST ]]> Effects of biochar application on soil greenhouse gas fluxes: a meta-analysis Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:37:38 AEST ]]> Wood base biochar alters inorganic N Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:27:31 AEST ]]> Does soil 15N natural abundance subjected to biochar application provide insights into nitrogen transformation Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:26:45 AEST ]]> Soil improvement in macadamia orchards: Turning waste into opportunity Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:26:23 AEST ]]> Peanut shell biochar improves soil properties and peanut kernel quality on a red Ferrosol Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:23:19 AEST ]]> Quantitative review of the effects of biochar application on soil available inorganic nitrogen using meta-analysis Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:17:32 AEST ]]> Effects of aged biochar and repeated biochar application on soil microbial diversity Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:16:19 AEST ]]> Wood biochar increases nitrogen retention in field settings mainly through abiotic processes Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:01:02 AEST ]]> Biochar application increases soil available nitrogen and plant-to-soil carbon input Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:57:44 AEST ]]> Effects of biochar on soil available inorganic nitrogen: A review and meta-analysis 1 year, thus the long-term effects of biochar on SIN still remain unclear.]]> Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:17:49 AEST ]]> The effects of short term, long term and reapplication of biochar on soil bacteria Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:12:24 AEST ]]> Soil and foliar nutrient and nitrogen isotope composition (δ15N) at 5 years after poultry litter and green waste biochar amendment in a macadamia orchard Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:11:56 AEST ]]> Drought‐induced changes in root biomass largely result from altered root morphological traits: evidence from a synthesis of global field trials Tue 04 Jun 2019 12:57:52 AEST ]]> Nitrogen and carbon cycling associated with litterfall production in monoculture teak and mixed species teak and flueggea stands Tue 03 Dec 2019 09:12:42 AEST ]]> Prediction of soil macro- and micro-elements in sieved and ground air-dried soils using laboratory-based hyperspectral imaging technique Thu 17 Jan 2019 13:57:21 AEST ]]> Assisted phytoremediation of a co-contaminated soil with biochar amendment: Contaminant removals and bacterial community properties Thu 09 May 2019 09:20:47 AEST ]]> Prediction of macronutrients in plant leaves using chemometric analysis and wavelength selection Thu 06 Feb 2020 11:04:01 AEST ]]> Biological nitrogen fixation by two Acacia species and associated root-nodule bacteria in a suburban Australian forest subjected to prescribed burning Thu 06 Feb 2020 11:03:59 AEST ]]> Differential magnitude of rhizosphere effects on soil aggregation at three stages of subtropical secondary forest successions Mon 25 Mar 2019 11:40:45 AEST ]]> Minor increases in Phyllostachys edulis (Moso bamboo) biomass despite evident alterations of soil bacterial community structure after phosphorus fertilization alone: Based on field studies at different altitudes Mon 17 Feb 2020 09:06:48 AEST ]]> Freezing, roasting and salt dipping impacts on peroxide value, free fatty acid and fatty acid concentrations of nut kernels 70%), protein (14%), mineral nutrients and vitamin E. Domestication of Canarium nuts has been a priority in several Pacific countries. A centralised processing factory has been established in Papua New Guinea to produce high-quality Canarium products. We investigated the effects of freezing (frozen vs. fresh) on the fatty acid composition, peroxide value (PV) and free fatty acid (FFA) content of kernels. Freezing nuts did not change the total saturated and total unsaturated fatty acid of kernels compared with fresh kernels. Frozen kernels had significantly lower FFA than fresh kernels. We also explored the effects of roasting and roasting after dipping in salt-water solution on oil oxidation of kernels. The treatments included roasting at 150°C for 10 min, roasting at 150°C for 30 min after dipping in salt-water solution and unroasted. Roasted kernel with or without salt solution dipping had significantly higher PV than unroasted kernels. These results of these studies have led to the establishment of factory protocols for producing Canarium products with high food-quality and food-safety standards.]]> Mon 09 Dec 2019 16:24:46 AEST ]]> Shelf life of macadamia kernels of different origin Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:47:46 AEST ]]> Differential response of soil respiration to nitrogen and phosphorus addition in a highly phosphorus-limited subtropical forest, China Mon 02 Mar 2020 09:50:25 AEST ]]> Laboratory-based hyperspectral image analysis for predicting soil carbon, nitrogen and their isotopic compositions Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:53:01 AEST ]]> Do young trees contribute to soil labile carbon and nitrogen recovery? Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:51:48 AEST ]]> Severity and distribution of potato leaf roll virus in seed potatoes in important seed production regions of Iran Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:42:59 AEST ]]> Severity and distribution of potato virus Y in seed potatoes in important seed production regions of Iran Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:42:57 AEST ]]> Contamination of stored wheat seeds to seed-borne fungal diseases Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:42:54 AEST ]]> Natural 15N abundance of soil N pools reflects the nitrogen dynamics in the riparian zone soils Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:42:12 AEST ]]> The effect of prescribed burning on soil microbial properties in a suburban native forest of South-east Queensland Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:42:04 AEST ]]> Biological traits of Trichogramma brassicae Bezd. Reared in the eggs of Plodia interpunctella Hub Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:41:51 AEST ]]> Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics in the first year following herbicide and scalping in a revegetation trial in south-east Queensland, Australia Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:40:28 AEST ]]> Application of manures to mitigate the harmful effects of electrokinetic remediation of heavy metals on soil microbial properties in polluted soils EK > EK + EDTA. The CME and PME could increase the concentrations of available Pb and Zn, although the increase was less than that of EDTA. Overall, despite increasing soil available Pb and Zn, the combination of EK with manures (CME or PME) mitigated the negative effects of using EK on soil microbial properties. This study suggested that the synthetic chelates such as EDTA could be replaced with manures to alleviate the environmental risks of EK application.]]> Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:39:25 AEST ]]> Ecophysiological and foliar nitrogen concentration responses of understorey Acacia spp. and Eucalyptus sp. to prescribed burning Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:39:18 AEST ]]> Transcriptome profiling of lentil (Lens culinaris) through the first 24 hours of Ascochyta lentis infection reveals key defence response genes Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:34:37 AEST ]]> Human footprints in urban forests: implication of nitrogen deposition for nitrogen and carbon storage Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:30:57 AEST ]]> Biochar addition induced the same plant physiological responses as elevated CO2 in mine spoil Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:29:59 AEST ]]> Ecophysiological status of different growth stage of understorey Acacia leiocalyx and Acacia disparrima in an Australian dry sclerophyll forest subjected to prescribed burning Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:24:35 AEST ]]> Survival, growth and physiological status of Acacia disparrima and Eucalyptus crebra seedlings with respect to site management practices in Central Queensland, Australia Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:21:17 AEST ]]> Grazing intensity significantly affects belowground carbon and nitrogen cycling in grassland ecosystems: a meta-analysis Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:19:04 AEST ]]> Soil organic matter dynamics and nitrogen availability in response to site preparation and management during revegetation in tropical Central Queensland, Australia Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:17:25 AEST ]]> The recovery of soil organic matter following radical site preparation in Central Queensland Australia Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:17:15 AEST ]]> Automatic estimation of soil biochar changes via hyperspecral unmixing Mon 02 Jul 2018 11:03:37 AEST ]]> The impact of mulch type on soil organic carbon and nitrogen pools in a sloping site Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:58:31 AEST ]]> Changes in δ15N in a soil–plant system under different biochar feedstocks and application rates Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:54:38 AEST ]]> The potential of hyperspectral images and partial least square regression for predicting total carbon, total nitrogen and their isotope composition in forest litterfall samples Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:53:32 AEST ]]> Effects of forest thinning on soil-plant carbon and nitrogen dynamics Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:50:40 AEST ]]> Antagonistic effects of nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate and fungicide iprodione on net nitrification in an agricultural soil Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:48:44 AEST ]]> Interactive effects of global change factors on soil respiration and its components: a meta-analysis Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:47:17 AEST ]]> The determination of body size of Trichogramma brassicae on Sitotroga cerealella and Plodia interpunctella and it’s relation with wasp’s fecundity and longevity Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:46:57 AEST ]]> Assessing the potential of using biochar in mine rehabilitation under elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:43:39 AEST ]]> Using laboratory-based hyperspectral imaging method to determine carbon functional group distributions in decomposing forest litterfall Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:41:30 AEST ]]> Profitable practice management in native forests to sustain timber production: an opportunity for the private sector Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:40:23 AEST ]]> Interactive effects of biochar addition and elevated carbon dioxide concentration on soil carbon and nitrogen pools in mine spoil Mon 02 Jul 2018 10:30:34 AEST ]]> Short-term carbon and nitrogen dynamics in soil, litterfall and canopy of a suburban native forest subjected to prescribed burning in subtropical Australia Mon 02 Dec 2019 14:11:42 AEST ]]> A study of some biological traits of Trichogramma brassicae Bezd. In five laboratory reared generations on the eggs of Sitotroga cerealella Olive and Plodia interpunctella Hub Fri 30 Aug 2019 15:30:56 AEST ]]> Physiological traits of Acacia concurrens and Eucalyptus crebra with respect to radical site preparation practices in a revegetation trial, south east Queensland, Australia Fri 29 May 2020 13:31:10 AEST ]]> Effects of tree spacing and species composition on soil and plant in cacao plantations Fri 25 Jan 2019 09:37:53 AEST ]]> Effects of shade-tree species and spacing on soil and leaf nutrient concentrations in cocoa plantations at 8 years after establishment Fri 25 Jan 2019 09:35:56 AEST ]]> Quality and shelf life of tree nuts: A review Fri 25 Jan 2019 09:34:09 AEST ]]> The growth and health of street trees planted in permeable pavements Fri 25 Jan 2019 09:33:50 AEST ]]> Differential effects of drought on nonstructural carbohydrate storage in seedlings and mature trees of four species in a subtropical forest Fri 22 May 2020 12:52:13 AEST ]]> Short-term effects of organo-mineral enriched biochar fertiliser on ginger yield and nutrient cycling Fri 13 Mar 2020 09:37:26 AEST ]]> Plant evolutionary history mainly explains the variance in biomass responses to climate warming at a global scale Fri 10 Jan 2020 15:47:55 AEST ]]> Linking potential nitrification rates, nitrogen cycling genes and soil properties after remediating the agricultural soil contaminated with heavy metal and fungicide Fri 07 Feb 2020 13:27:27 AEST ]]>