${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Characterization of Salophen Co(III) Acetate Ionophore for Nitrite Recognition Wed 28 Oct 2015 11:15:40 AEST ]]> Effect of pesticides on microarthropods in sugarcane soils Wed 28 Nov 2018 09:45:27 AEST ]]> Aromatic network: A novel structure for power distribution system Wed 27 Nov 2019 16:08:47 AEST ]]> The effect of exercise prescription on force output and muscle activation during the nordic hamstring exercise Wed 25 Mar 2020 10:15:28 AEST ]]> Atmospheric pressure argon surface discharges propagated in long tubes: Physical characterization and application to bio-decontamination Wed 25 Jan 2017 15:28:47 AEST ]]> Central neuronal motor behaviour in skilled and less skilled novices – Approaching sports-specific movement techniques 0.05), whereas RP amplitudes and onsets differed between groups but not between motor areas. Arrow-releasing preceded larger RP amplitudes (p <0.05) and later RP onsets (p < 0.05) in skilled compared to less skilled novices. We suggest this to reflect attentional orienting and greater effort that accompanies central neuronal preparatory states of a sports-specific movement.]]> Wed 21 Mar 2018 09:42:42 AEST ]]> Peripheral nerve diffusion tensor imaging is reliable and reproducible Wed 20 Jun 2018 13:35:51 AEST ]]> Methods matter: exploring the ‘too much, too soon’ theory, part 1: causal questions in sports injury research Wed 18 Mar 2020 11:12:01 AEST ]]> Dihydroxyacetone Production in the Nectar of Australian Leptospermum Is Species Dependent 16 000 mg/kg in L. speciosum and L. whitei. High-DHA Leptospermum species were identified for beekeepers to target for honey production and plantation development.]]> Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:53:36 AEST ]]> Musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace: Development of a systems thinking-based prototype classification scheme to better understand the risks Wed 17 Jul 2019 10:08:44 AEST ]]> Contextual factors explaining risk-taking intentions at Australian level crossings Wed 17 Apr 2019 14:25:46 AEST ]]> Corrosion Performance of High Strength Low Alloy Steel AISI 4135 in the Marine Splash Zone Wed 14 Mar 2018 14:15:41 AEST ]]> An Efficient Authentication Scheme for Intra-vehicular Controller Area Network Wed 08 Apr 2020 13:46:38 AEST ]]> Fabrication and characterisation of anisotropic magnetorheological elastomer with 45° iron particle alignment at various silicone oil concentrations Wed 07 Feb 2018 11:41:39 AEST ]]> Thixotropic Supramolecular Pectin-Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Methacrylate (PEGMA) Hydrogels Wed 05 Apr 2017 13:37:44 AEST ]]> SPR Characteristics Curve and Distribution of Residual Stress in Self-Piercing Riveted Joints of Steel Sheets Wed 01 Aug 2018 13:36:21 AEST ]]> Participation in residential organic waste diversion programs: Motivators and optimizing educational messaging Wed 01 Apr 2020 11:39:59 AEST ]]> Ability to predict flexural properties of Douglas-fir crossarms Wed 01 Apr 2020 09:54:24 AEST ]]> Injuries impair the chance of successful performance by sportspeople: A systematic review Tue 31 Jul 2018 15:33:21 AEST ]]> High CO tolerance of new SiO2 doped phosphoric acid/polybenzimidazole polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells at high temperatures of 200–250 °C Tue 27 Nov 2018 13:27:27 AEST ]]> Progressive brain changes in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: A longitudinal MRI study Tue 26 Nov 2019 11:19:45 AEST ]]> The big picture on accident causation: A review, synthesis and meta-analysis of AcciMap studies Tue 25 Feb 2020 07:18:24 AEST ]]> High activity electrocatalysts from metal–organic framework-carbon nanotube templates for the oxygen reduction reaction Tue 24 Nov 2015 09:47:14 AEST ]]> Infographic. New Zealand Rubgy's Community Concussion Initiative: Keeping Kiwi Communites RugbySmart Tue 24 Mar 2020 14:53:20 AEST ]]> Infographic. New Zealand Rubgy's Concussion Management Pathway Tue 24 Mar 2020 13:01:15 AEST ]]> Computational methods to model complex systems in sports injury research: agent-based modelling (ABM) and systems dynamics (SD) modelling Tue 24 Dec 2019 10:20:10 AEST ]]> Classification of Encrypted Traffic with Second-Order Markov Chains and Application Attribute Bigrams Tue 20 Mar 2018 11:39:39 AEST ]]> A non-destructive determination of peroxide values, total nitrogen and mineral nutrients in an edible tree nut using hyperspectral imaging Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:40:09 AEST ]]> Multiplex lateral flow detection and binary encoding enables a molecular colorimetric 7-segment display Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:23:40 AEST ]]> Inkjet printing for biosensor fabrication: combining chemistry and technology for advanced manufacturing Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:20:08 AEST ]]> Role of electrocatalytic properties of infiltrated nanoparticles in the activity of cathodes of solid oxide fuel cells – A case study of infiltrated La0.8Sr0.2CoxMn1-xO3 (x=0, 0.5, and 1) on Pt electrode LSCM > LSM. The higher oxygen surface exchange rate as well as faster oxygen transportation kinetics of the B-site Co-rich perovskite oxides is responsible to the better catalytic activity of the infiltrated Pt cathodes.]]> Tue 12 Dec 2017 13:57:54 AEST ]]> Use of acoustic testing to detect decay and sort western juniper for modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture Tue 11 Feb 2020 16:36:52 AEST ]]> Performance of pavements incorporating waste glass: The current state of the art Tue 11 Feb 2020 15:19:41 AEST ]]> Evaluating the performance of constructed wetlands for the treatment of combined sewer overflows Tue 10 Sep 2019 11:12:41 AEST ]]> Atomically Dispersed Transition Metals on Carbon Nanotubes with Ultrahigh Loading for Selective Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction Tue 10 Mar 2020 11:02:15 AEST ]]> Effect of aging on lignin content, composition and enzymatic saccharification in Corymbia hybrids and parental taxa between years 9 and 12 Tue 10 Mar 2020 10:41:23 AEST ]]> Investigating work-related musculoskeletal disorders: strengths and weaknesses of current practices in large Australian organisations Tue 10 Mar 2020 10:13:19 AEST ]]> The philosophical and pedagogical underpinnings of Active Learning in Engineering Education Tue 08 May 2018 09:21:54 AEST ]]> Crowdsourcing Incentives for Multi-hop Urban Parcel Delivery Network Tue 02 Apr 2019 14:16:44 AEST ]]> Enlightening Stem Engagement During High School - Make It Real Banana Peel Thu 30 Jan 2020 09:53:56 AEST ]]> STAMP goes EAST: integrating systems ergonomics methods for the analysis of railway level crossing safety management Thu 27 Jun 2019 11:38:18 AEST ]]> Challenging conventional rural rail level crossing design: Evaluating three new systems thinking-based designs in a driving simulator Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:53:47 AEST ]]> Back to the future: What do accident causation models tell us about accident prediction? Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:53:36 AEST ]]> Systematic review of driving simulator validation studies Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:48:29 AEST ]]> Towards a complex systems approach in sports injury research: simulating running-related injury development with agent-based modelling Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:34:56 AEST ]]> A social network analysis of the goal scoring passing networks of the 2016 European Football Championships Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:06:00 AEST ]]> Are prevalence measures better than incidence measures in sports injury research? Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:01:49 AEST ]]> When is a study result important for athletes, clinicians and team coaches/staff? Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:01:46 AEST ]]> Time-to-event analysis for sports injury research part 2: time-varying outcomes Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:01:41 AEST ]]> Seven sins when interpreting statistics in sports injury science Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:01:39 AEST ]]> Training load and structure-specific load: applications for sport injury causality and data analyses Thu 27 Jun 2019 10:01:29 AEST ]]> Sand, surf and sideways: a systems analysis of beaches as complex roadway environments Thu 27 Jun 2019 09:29:54 AEST ]]> Situation awareness in young novice ambulance drivers: So much more than driving Thu 27 Jun 2019 09:28:57 AEST ]]> Infographic – Exercise for intermittent claudication Thu 27 Feb 2020 11:05:27 AEST ]]> Low-temperature hydrogen desorption from Mg(BH4)2 catalysed by ultrafine Ni nanoparticles in a mesoporous carbon matrix Thu 27 Apr 2017 10:57:21 AEST ]]> At-line validation of a process analytical technology approach for quality control of melamine-urea-formaldehyde resin in composite wood-panel production using near infrared spectroscopy Thu 20 Jun 2019 17:15:18 AEST ]]> An agile chipper truck for space-constrained operations Thu 20 Jun 2019 17:10:59 AEST ]]> Mechanised harvesting of short-rotation coppices 200 kW). When limiting harvesters to a maximum engine power of 200 kW, cut-and-chip harvesters achieved the lowest EMC (5 Mg fresh weight h-1), but they also perform a higher degree of material processing (cutting and chipping) than cut-and-store harvesters (only cutting) or than the cut-and-bale harvester (cutting and baling). The trend in commercial machinery is towards increased engine power for cut-and-chip and cut-and-store harvesters. No trends in EMC were documented for the recently developed cut-and-bale harvesting technique, which is presently produced in one version only. Field stocking (5–157 Mg fresh weight ha-1 in the reviewed studies) has a significant effect on harvester EMC. Lower field stocking can constrain the maximum EMC achieved by the machine given that harvesting speed can only be increased to a point. While the reviewed studies did not contain sufficient harvesting cost data for a thorough analysis, harvesting costs ranged between 6 and 99 € Mg-1 fresh weight.]]> Thu 20 Jun 2019 17:10:55 AEST ]]> An international review of the most productive and cost effective forest biomass recovery technologies and supply chains Thu 20 Jun 2019 17:10:27 AEST ]]> Uncovering supercritical CO2 wood dewatering via interleaved 1H-imaging and 13C-spectroscopy with real-time reconstruction Thu 20 Jun 2019 17:03:16 AEST ]]> Ground Penetrating Radar Observations of Present and Former Coastal Environments, Great Sandy National Park, Queensland, Australia – Focus on Moon Point, Fraser Island Thu 20 Jun 2019 14:36:59 AEST ]]> A Review on the Potential of Forest Biomass for Bioenergy in Australia Thu 19 Mar 2020 16:00:16 AEST ]]> Soil biological health-what is it and how can we improve it? Thu 14 Feb 2019 13:28:51 AEST ]]> Deactivation and selectivity for electrochemical ozone production at Ni- and Sb-doped SnO2 / Ti electrodes Thu 06 Feb 2020 10:28:53 AEST ]]> Empirical Hazard Function Using Continuous-Time Failure Data Thu 04 Jun 2015 09:21:40 AEST ]]> Who 'owns' the injury or illness? Who ' owns' performance? Applying systems thinking to integrate health and performance in elite sport Mon 27 Aug 2018 14:07:22 AEST ]]> A Universal Seeding Strategy to Synthesis Single Atom Catalysts on 2D Materials for Electrocatalytic Applications Mon 24 Feb 2020 12:52:16 AEST ]]> How to make disaggregation work Mon 24 Feb 2020 11:35:16 AEST ]]> Design and testing of a rotational brake with shear thickening fluids Mon 19 Feb 2018 16:03:43 AEST ]]> Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of non-conventional hydrogen bonding between N,N′-disubstituted urea and thiourea groups: a combined experimental and theoretical investigation Mon 18 Feb 2019 16:49:13 AEST ]]> Time-to-event analysis for sports injury research part 1: time-varying exposures Mon 17 Feb 2020 16:34:51 AEST ]]> What do applications of systems thinking accident analysis methods tell us about accident causation? A systematic review of applications between 1990 and 2018 Mon 08 Jul 2019 14:58:40 AEST ]]> DSSCs with ZnO@TiO2 core–shell photoanodes showing improved Voc: Modification of energy gradients and potential barriers with Cd and Mg ion dopants Mon 06 Mar 2017 15:26:29 AEST ]]> The Use of Glass to Optimize Bitumen Absorption of Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Recycled Construction Aggregates Mon 03 Sep 2018 09:55:25 AEST ]]> Ferrocene self assembled monolayer as a redox mediator for triggering ion transfer across nanometer-sized membranes Mon 03 Jun 2019 10:46:45 AEST ]]> Rainwater tanks in modern cities: A review of current practices and research Fri 28 Apr 2017 10:24:26 AEST ]]> Nb and Pd co-doped La0.57Sr0.38Co0.19Fe0.665Nb0.095Pd0.05O3-δ as a stable, high performance electrode for barrier-layer-free Y2O3-ZrO2 electrolyte of solid oxide fuel cells Fri 22 Feb 2019 11:06:44 AEST ]]> Calculation of the expected number of failures for a repairable asset system Fri 20 Oct 2017 15:13:55 AEST ]]> Risky systems versus risky people: To what extent do risk assessment methods consider the systems approach to accident causation? A review of the literature Fri 18 Oct 2019 15:58:39 AEST ]]> Hydrogen release from carbon steel in chloride solution under anodic polarization Fri 17 Jan 2020 08:17:56 AEST ]]> Gamification and serious games within the domain of domestic energy consumption: A systematic review Fri 17 Feb 2017 13:35:22 AEST ]]> Effect of heat treatment on hydrogen permeation behaviour of AISI 4135 steel under splash zone conditions Fri 16 Dec 2016 14:27:17 AEST ]]> Nano-wollastonite to improve fire retardancy in medium-density fiberboard (MDF) made from wood fibers and camel-thorn Fri 16 Aug 2019 16:09:41 AEST ]]> The continuum of chronic to episodic natural hazards: Implications and strategies for community and landscape planning Fri 14 Jun 2019 13:47:10 AEST ]]> Stepping up but back: How EU policy reform fails to meet the needs of renewable energy actors Fri 14 Jun 2019 13:20:45 AEST ]]> Paths of renewable energy development in small island developing states of the South Pacific Fri 14 Jun 2019 13:20:38 AEST ]]> Cover picture: Lab on a Chip Vol. 15, No. 12 Fri 13 Mar 2020 09:58:15 AEST ]]> Investigating the role of glutathione in mismatch negativity: An insight into NMDA receptor disturbances in bipolar disorder Fri 08 Apr 2016 13:36:42 AEST ]]> Ground Hemp Fibers as Filler/Reinforcement for Thermoplastic Biocomposites Fri 08 Apr 2016 07:32:00 AEST ]]> Spreading rate and dispersion behavior of evaporation-suppressant monolayer on open water surfaces: Part 1 – at zero wind stress Fri 07 Feb 2020 13:20:23 AEST ]]> Electrochemical Mechanism of Ferrocene-Based Redox Molecules in Thin Film Membrane Electrodes Fri 07 Feb 2020 13:20:20 AEST ]]> Spreading rate and dispersion behavior of evaporation-suppressant monolayer on open water surfaces: Part 2 – under wind stress Fri 07 Feb 2020 13:19:56 AEST ]]> Manufacturing of biocompatible porous titanium scaffolds using a novel spherical sugar pellet space holder Fri 07 Feb 2020 13:13:05 AEST ]]> Knowing me knowing you: Key players and their interactions within the young driver road safety system Fri 07 Feb 2020 12:51:50 AEST ]]> Enhanced efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells based on Mg and La co-doped TiO2 photoanodes Fri 07 Feb 2020 12:45:39 AEST ]]> Controlling moisture content and truck configurations to model and optimise biomass supply chain logistics in Ireland Fri 07 Feb 2020 11:56:59 AEST ]]> A review of benefits and challenges in growing street trees in paved urban environments Fri 07 Feb 2020 11:55:47 AEST ]]> Models and methods for collision analysis: A comparison study based on the Uber collision with a pedestrian Fri 02 Aug 2019 15:27:41 AEST ]]> Safety culture and power: Interactions between perceptions of safety culture, organisational hierarchy, and national culture Fri 01 Nov 2019 15:37:40 AEST ]]> "you can't be deterred by stuff you don't know about": Identifying factors that influence graduated driver licensing rule compliance Fri 01 Nov 2019 12:28:40 AEST ]]>