${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Comparative Proteomic Study of the Antiproliferative Activity of Frog Host-Defence Peptide Caerin 1.9 and Its Additive Effect with Caerin 1.1 on TC-1 Cells Transformed with HPV16 E6 and E7 Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:49:00 AEST ]]> Blocking IL-10 signalling at the time of immunization does not increase unwanted side effects in mice Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:48:27 AEST ]]> Human papillomavirus infection among head and neck squamous cell carcinomas in Southern China Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:48:25 AEST ]]> Iodine-125 labeled Australian frog tree host-defense peptides caerin 1.1 and 1.9 better inhibit human breast cancer cells growth than the unlabeled peptides. 125I-caerin 1.9 may better be used for the treatment of breast cancer Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:48:24 AEST ]]> Comparative proteomic study reveals the enhanced immune response with the blockade of interleukin 10 with anti-IL-10 and anti-IL-10 receptor antibodies in human U937 cells Wed 18 Mar 2020 07:47:07 AEST ]]> Synthesized natural peptides from amphibian skin secretions increase the efficacy of a therapeutic vaccine by recruiting more T cells to the tumour site Wed 15 Apr 2020 10:16:45 AEST ]]> Topical application of temperature-sensitive caerin 1.1 and 1.9 gel inhibits TC-1 tumor growth in mice Wed 15 Apr 2020 10:16:42 AEST ]]> The Dosage of the Derivative of Clostridium Ghonii (DCG) Spores Dictates Whether an IFNγ/IL-9 or a Strong IFNγ Response Is Elicited in TC-1 Tumour Bearing Mice Fri 21 Jun 2019 08:56:26 AEST ]]> Targeting interleukin-10 signalling for cancer immunotherapy, a promising and complicated task Fri 20 Mar 2020 15:15:28 AEST ]]>