${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Lyngbya majuscula blooms and the diet of small subtropical benthivorous fishes Wed 25 Nov 2015 14:57:20 AEST ]]> Bottom-Up Factors for Algal Productivity Outweigh No-Fishing Marine Protected Area Effects in a Marginal Coral Reef System Tue 28 Nov 2017 09:52:53 AEST ]]> Low functional redundancy and high variability in Sargassum browsing fish populations in a subtropical reef system Tue 20 Mar 2018 16:26:39 AEST ]]> Umbrellas can work under water: Using threatened species as indicator and management surrogates can improve coastal conservation Tue 13 Mar 2018 14:27:40 AEST ]]> Optimising Land-Sea Management for Inshore Coral Reefs 58% of scenarios with positive outcomes, and >98% of the most effective (5th percentile) scenarios. Heightened fishing restrictions, restoring habitats, and reducing nutrient discharges from wastewater treatment plants have additional, albeit smaller effects. There was no evidence that combining individual management actions would consistently produce sizeable synergistic until after maximum investment on both marine reserves (i.e. increasing reserve extent from 31 to 62% of reefs) and sediments (i.e. rehabilitating 6350 km of waterways within catchments to reduce sediment loads by 50%) were implemented. The method presented here provides a useful tool to prioritize environmental actions in situations where multiple competing management interventions exist for coral reefs and in other systems subjected to multiple stressor from the land and the sea.]]> Thu 27 Apr 2017 13:10:27 AEST ]]> Seascape context and predators override water quality effects on inshore coral reef fish communities Thu 15 Sep 2016 10:06:47 AEST ]]> Better red than dead? Potential aposematism in a harpacticoid copepod, Metis holothuriae Thu 08 Oct 2015 09:56:46 AEST ]]> Colour change in a filefish (Monacanthus chinensis) faced with the challenge of changing backgrounds Mon 14 Dec 2015 15:14:13 AEST ]]>