${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Gonadotropin response to GnRH during sexual ontogeny in the common carp, Cyprinus carpio 300%, while that of LHβ increased by 200%. In maturing males, FSHβ mRNA did not change and only a slight increase occurred in that of LHβ. In 16-month-old postvitellogenic females, there was no response of FSHβ mRNA, while that of LHβ dramatically increased. In spermiating males of the same age, mRNA of both FSHβ and LHβ increased following sGnRHa injection. Immunoreactive cGtH was present in the pituitary and plasma of all fish examined, but in juveniles it did not change following sGnRHa injection. In maturing and mature fish of both genders, sGnRHa administration was followed by a marked increase in circulating cGtH, concomitant with a decrease in its pituitary content, indicating the limited amount of the hormone stored in the gland. In conclusion, the response of the gonadotropin subunit mRNAs in the common carp was found to be differential and dependent on the gender and the phase of sexual ontogeny.]]> Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:47:37 AEST ]]> FSHβ and LHβ mRNAs in maturing male and female common carp (Cyprinus carpio ) and the response to GnRH Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:43:52 AEST ]]> FSHβ and LHβ in juvenile and mature common carp (Cyrinus carpio) and response to GnRHa Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:39:47 AEST ]]>