${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 eSnail: a transcriptome-based molecular resource of the central nervous system for terrestrial gastropods Wed 17 Oct 2018 14:26:23 AEST ]]> Differences in small molecule neurotransmitter profiles from the Crown-of-Thorns Seastar radial nerve revealed between sexes and following food-deprivation Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:41:43 AEST ]]> Evidence for a Saponin Biosynthesis Pathway in the Body Wall of the Commercially Significant Sea Cucumber Holothuria scabra Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:34:56 AEST ]]> Identification of a female spawn-associated Kazal-type inhibitor from the tropical abalone Haliotis asinina: A Female Abalone Spawn-Associated Peptide Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:31:27 AEST ]]> Characterisation of Reproduction-Associated Genes and Peptides in the Pest Land Snail, Theba pisana Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:24:53 AEST ]]> Global metabolite analysis of the land snail Theba pisana hemolymph during active and aestivated states Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:20:24 AEST ]]> Biomolecular changes that occur in the antennal gland of the giant freshwater prawn (Machrobrachium rosenbergii) Tue 16 Oct 2018 12:01:05 AEST ]]> The aggregation proteome of the crown of thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:48:10 AEST ]]> CYP450s analysis across spiny lobster metamorphosis identifies a long sought missing link in crustacean development Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:45:51 AEST ]]> Neuropeptides encoded within a neural transcriptome of the giant triton snail Charonia tritonis, a Crown-of-Thorns Starfish predator Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:45:30 AEST ]]> Multiomics analysis of the giant triton snail salivary gland, a crown-of-thorns starfish predator Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:31:02 AEST ]]> Changes in the neuropeptide content of Biomphalaria ganglia nervous system following Schistosoma infection Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:22:48 AEST ]]> Neural investigation of the Crown-of-thorns starfish reveals radial nerve excretion sites Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:16:24 AEST ]]> The crown-of-thorns starfish genome as a guide for biocontrol of this coral reef pest Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:13:39 AEST ]]> The discovery of a water-borne peptide kairomone of free-living Schistosoma mansonifrom the secretion of Biomphalaria glabrata Tue 16 Oct 2018 11:07:52 AEST ]]> Metabolomics in chemical ecology: help to save Australia's natural biodiversity Tue 14 Jun 2016 13:52:33 AEST ]]> A Biomphalaria glabrata peptide that stimulates significant behaviour modifications in aquatic free-living Schistosoma mansoni miracidia Fri 22 Feb 2019 12:54:28 AEST ]]> Chemical Ecology of Chemosensation in Asteroidea: Insights Towards Management Strategies of Pest Species Fri 22 Feb 2019 09:42:44 AEST ]]>