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Add 1 Candidate genetic modifiers for breast and ovarian cancer risk inBRCA1andBRCA2 mutation carriers 43306
Add 2 The Coral Sea. Physical Environmental, Ecosystem Status and Biodiversity Assets 13269
Add 3 Regional coastal susceptibility assessment for the Pacific Islands: Technical Report 6814
Add 4 A framework for embedding Aboriginal knowledges and perspectives and Torres Strait Islander knowledges and perspectives in curriculum at USC 6768
Add 5 Influence of Race on the Female Athlete Triad 6477
Add 6 Indigenous Australian stories and sea-level change 5390
Add 7 Geographies of the Liminal Dolphin: toward an understanding of the contested spaces of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy 5177
Add 8 A written, reflective and dialogic strategy for assessment feedback that can enhance student/teacher relationships 4799
Add 9 Using the Hydro-Brake® to Control and Attenuate Urban Stormwater Runoff, Improve WSUD Treatment Processes and Reduce Downstream Flooding Risk 4364
Add 10 Streptococcus agalactiae clones infecting humans were selected and fixed through the extensive use of tetracycline 4111
Add 11 Developing More Appropriate Culvert Blockage Factors for Use in Flood Modelling Studies on the Sunshine Coast 4044
Add 12 Evaluation of food provision and nutrition support at the London 2012 Olympic Games: The opinion of sports nutrition experts 3987
Add 13 Field evaluation of two gross pollutant traps for their pollutant removal efficiencies 3955
Add 14 Evaluating the Effectiveness of the SPEL Basin: A Case Study 3935
Add 15 Permeable Pavements: Investigation on the Infiltration Rates and Testing Methods of Permeable Pavements 3932
Add 16 Permeable Pavement Clogging Reduction Study by way of Geometric Modification 3863
Add 17 Investigation of Sediment Retention within the Permeable Pavement Substructure 3814
Add 18 Queensland is Thirsty for Porous Concrete: Testing the Durability Characteristics of an Industry Porous Concrete Mix Design Using Cyclic Loading 3770
Add 19 Sediment Classification and Clogging of Permeable Pavements 3768
Add 20 Risk analysis of prostate cancer in practical, a multinational consortium, using 25 known prostate cancer susceptibility loci 3435
Add 21 Teaching: Making a Difference, 2nd edition 3416
Add 22 Food security and the Coral Triangle Initiative 3345
Add 23 Herbivorous fish assemblages and herbivory rates on coral reefs in Moreton Bay, Australia 3322
Add 24 Permanent Genetic Resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 April 2013–31 May 2013 3251
Add 25 Prejudice against Australian asylum-seekers and their function: Suggestions for anti-prejudice strategies 3207
Add 26 Teaching: Making a difference (3rd edition) 3171
Add 27 Floating Treatment Wetlands: An evaluation of the effectiveness of a Floating Treatment Wetland 3159
Add 28 Lower limb kinematics and physiological responses to prolonged load carriage in untrained individuals 3107
Add 29 Nutritional management of anorexia nervosa in children and adolescent inpatients: The current practice of Australian dietitians 3091
Add 30 The contribution of clinical placement to nutrition and dietetics competency development: A student-centred approach 3091
Add 31 Dietary Regimens of Athletes Competing at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games 3056
Add 32 “The Nurses eat their Young” Nursing Students experiences of Workplace Interpersonal Relations 3054
Add 33 A systematic and functional classification of Streptococcus pyogenes that serves as a new tool for molecular typing and vaccine development 3002
Add 34 The failure of the Howard Government's 'practical' reconciliation policy 3002
Add 35 The development of a cognitive work analysis tool 2977
Add 36 A multidisciplinary intervention to prevent subsequent falls and health service use following fall-related paramedic care: a randomised controlled trial 2971
Add 37 A driving simulator evaluation of potential speed reductions using two innovative designs for signalised urban intersections 2940
Add 38 Comparison of subcutaneous versus intranasal immunization of male koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) for induction of mucosal and systemic immunity against Chlamydia pecorum 2837
Add 39 Critiquing the Capacity of Local Government to Respond to Complex Sustainability Challenges: Two Food Security Case Studies 2674
Add 40 The Problem of Gender Mainstreaming in the Development of the Pacific Plan 2651
Add 41 Train and Sustain: A model for quality supervision in work integrated learning (WIL) 2601
Add 42 WIL Knowledge in Motion: Using mobile technologies to facilitate authentic WIL assessment and learning practice for 21st Century practice settings 2564
Add 43 A commentary on the Greater Sunshine Coast economy, June 2014 2558
Add 44 Securing All intraVenous devices Effectively in hospitalised patients—the SAVE trial: study protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trial 2543
Add 45 The Criminalisation of Asylum Seekers in Australia 2489
Add 46 Estimating animal populations and body sizes from burrows: Marine ecologists have their heads buried in the sand 2443
Add 47 Intravascular device administration sets: replacement after standard versus prolonged use in hospitalised patients—a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (The RSVP Trial) 2428
Add 48 Becoming Place in a Changing Climate: The Sunshine Coast, Queensland 2426
Add 49 Green Man Resurrected: An Examination of the Underlying Meanings and Messages of the Re-Emergence of the Ancient Image of the Green Man in Contemporary, Western, Visual Culture 2425
Add 50 A combination of PhP typing and β-D-glucuronidase gene sequence variation analysis for differentiation of Escherichia coli from humans and animals 2418

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