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Add 1 A commentary on the Greater Sunshine Coast economy, June 2014 167
Add 2 Midwifery practice during birth: rites of passage and rites of protection 75
Add 3 Geographies of the Liminal Dolphin: toward an understanding of the contested spaces of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy 52
Add 4 An exploration of midwifery practice during the second stage of labour 37
Add 5 Teaching: Making a Difference, 2nd edition 30
Add 6 Dingo diet and prey availability on Fraser Island 25
Add 7 Nuchal cords: reducing the fear and improving outcomes 23
Add 8 The anterior cervical lip: how to ruin a perfectly good birth 22
Add 9 Campbell Biology: Australian Version, 9e 20
Add 10 The Problem of Gender Mainstreaming in the Development of the Pacific Plan 20
Add 11 Solution-Focused Nursing: Rethinking Practice 18
Add 12 Green Man Resurrected: An Examination of the Underlying Meanings and Messages of the Re-Emergence of the Ancient Image of the Green Man in Contemporary, Western, Visual Culture 17
Add 13 Visual Displays that Directly Interface and Provide Read-Outs of Molecular States via Molecular Graphics Processing Units 16
Add 14 Work-Life Balance: Towards an Integrated Conceptual Framework 15
Add 15 Enablers and barriers to binge drinking in young adults 15
Add 16 The Effect of Tourism on Water Quality and Coral Reef Communities 15
Add 17 Tourism impacts on an Australian indigenous community: a Djabugay case study 14
Add 18 Sandy beach ecosystems: key features, sampling issues, management challenges and climate change impacts 14
Add 19 Safe places for pedestrians: Using cognitive work analysis to consider the relationships between the engineering and urban design of footpaths 13
Add 20 Teaching: Making a Difference 13
Add 21 Strategic guidelines for sustainable tourism on the Khmer coast 13
Add 22 News as it happens: An introduction to journalism 13
Add 23 The Red Lotus Health Promotion Model: a new model for holistic, ecological, salutogenic health promotion practice 13
Add 24 Child, Youth and Family Health: Strengthening Communities, 2nd edition 12
Add 25 The failure of the Howard Government’s ‘practical’ reconciliation policy 12
Add 26 Schooling and settlement: Refugee education in Australia 12
Add 27 Practical Planning and Assessment 11
Add 28 Tall poppies: elite athletes bullied at school 11
Add 29 Experience-Based Learning Using Smartphones: The Explorer Project 11
Add 30 Evaluation of microbiological methods for water quality analysis and detection of Cryptosporidium in surface waters 11
Add 31 In our own Voices: the Experience of Overseas-Trained Registered Nurses of Institutional Racism within Healthcare and Academic Institutions [Institutional Racism within Health Care and Academic Institutions: The Experience of Overseas-Trained Registered Nurses] 11
Add 32 Management Foundations: a pacific rim focus, 3rd edition 11
Add 33 Developing innovative roads using solar technologies 9
Add 34 Airbnb: Find a place to stay, Case Study 9
Add 35 A comparison of state-based modelling tools for model validation 9
Add 36 “I drove after drinking alcohol” and other risky driving behaviours reported by young novice drivers in Queensland, Australia 9
Add 37 Management: A Pacific Rim Focus, 5th edition 9
Add 38 Print Media in the Era of Globalisation 9
Add 39 The case for using borates in termite control in tropical Australia 9
Add 40 Tourism impacts on an Australian indigenous community: a Djabugay case study 9
Add 41 Dolphin Watch Tourism: Two Differing Examples of Sustainable Practices and Proenvironmental Outcomes 9
Add 42 Object orientation without extending Z 8
Add 43 Un panorama du test � partir de mod�les formels 8
Add 44 Online-Offline Channel Switching Behaviour of Retail Consumers: Towards a Model of Consumer Value 8
Add 45 Bingo!: An engaging activity for learning physiological terms in psychology 8
Add 46 The status of sandy beach science: Past trends, progress, and possible futures 8
Add 47 Cognition, emotion, cognitive commotion: Understanding the interplay of emotions, stress and learning in adolescents 8
Add 48 Monthly and seasonal rainfall in Australia: distribution, consistency and predictors 8
Add 49 Activation of PI3K/Akt pathway and dual inhibitors of PI3K and mTOR in endometrial cancer 8
Add 50 Eco-Taxonomic Insights into Actinomycete Symbionts of Termites for Discovery of Novel Bioactive Compounds 8

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