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Add 1 Book Review: Making the grade: A guide to successful communication and study 3
Add 2 This record does not have a title 2
Add 3 Autoantibodies to iron-binding proteins in pigs infested with Sarcoptes scabiei 2
Add 4 Changes in peak sprint speed during prolonged high-intensity intermittent exercise that simulates team sport play 2
Add 5 Human disturbance as a cause of bias in ecological indicators for sandy beaches: Experimental evidence for the effects of human trampling on ghost crabs (Ocypode spp.) 2
Add 6 Sandy beach ecosystems: key features, sampling issues, management challenges and climate change impacts 2
Add 7 Green Man Resurrected: An Examination of the Underlying Meanings and Messages of the Re-Emergence of the Ancient Image of the Green Man in Contemporary, Western, Visual Culture 2
Add 8 Optimal Nutritional Strategies for Athletes with Disabilities: Key Factors Identified by Athletes and Sports Dietitians 2
Add 9 Midwifery practice during birth: rites of passage and rites of protection 2
Add 10 Embracing Disgrace: Writing from the Dark Side 2
Add 11 A Collective Artefact Design of Decision Support Systems: Design Science Research Perspective 2
Add 12 This record does not have a title 1
Add 13 This record does not have a title 1
Add 14 “Never really heard of it”: A study of the impact on identity of the Queensland Certificate of Exemption for Aboriginal People 1
Add 15 A quantitative PCR (TaqMan) assay for pathogenic Leptospira spp 1
Add 16 Angiotensin receptors as sensitive marker of acute bronchiole injury post lung transplantation 1
Add 17 Editorial 1
Add 18 Climate change and wind intensification in coastal upwelling ecosystems 1
Add 19 High-throughput prediction of eucalypt lignin syringyl/guaiacyl content using multivariate analysis: a comparison between mid-infrared, near-infrared, and Raman spectroscopies for model development 1
Add 20 This record does not have a title 1
Add 21 Metrics to assess ecological condition, change, and impacts in sandy beach ecosystems 1
Add 22 Home telehealth and paediatric palliative care: Clinician perceptions of what is stopping us? 1
Add 23 A Profile of the Australian Seafood Consumer 1
Add 24 The Idea of Wallum : catalogue essay 1
Add 25 An exploratory study of the company reorganisation decision in voluntary administration 1
Add 26 What Chefs Want When Buying Australian Seafood 1
Add 27 Running techniques for field sport players 1
Add 28 Differences in virulence repertoire and cell invasive potential of Group A Streptococcus emm1-2 in comparison to emm1 genotype 1
Add 29 Human exposure to anopheline mosquitoes occurs primarily indoors, even for users of insecticide-treated nets in Luangwa Valley, South-east Zambia 1
Add 30 Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Young Adults with Phenylketonuria: Associations with Biochemistry 1
Add 31 Molecular characterisation of Escherichia coli isolated from hospitalised children and adults with urinary tract infection 1
Add 32 Pollutant Removal and Hydraulic Reduction Performance of Field Grassed Swales during Runoff Simulation Experiments 1
Add 33 How to Publish: Student Session 1
Add 34 The influence of upper body strength on flat-water sprint kayak performance in elite athletes 1
Add 35 Differences in the resource intake of two sympatric Australian stingless bee species 1
Add 36 Understanding community pharmacy intervention practice: Lessons from intervention researchers 1
Add 37 The aerobic performance of trained and untrained handcyclists with spinal cord injury 1
Add 38 From the classroom to Kajulu and beyond: Strategies for Teaching and learning marketing communications in the digital age 1
Add 39 The Human Face: Measurement and Meaning 1
Add 40 This record does not have a title 1
Add 41 Stored blood transfusion induces transient pulmonary arterial hypertension without impairing coagulation in an ovine model of nontraumatic haemorrhage 1
Add 42 An Exploratory Analysis of Business Intelligence Practices in two Travel Agencies in Ankara, Turkey 1
Add 43 9th Australasian Urban History Planning History Conference 1
Add 44 Ready or not here it comes: Australian institutional research repository data readiness surveys 2010 1
Add 45 This record does not have a title 1
Add 46 News as it happens: An introduction to journalism 1
Add 47 Filisoma filiformis n. sp. (Echinorhynchida: Cavisomidae), a New Species of Acanthocephala from Kyphosus spp. (Perciformes: Kyphosidae) from the South Pacific, and a Key to the Genus Filisoma 1
Add 48 The microbiological status of prawns from retail and wholesale outlets in the Brisbane region 1
Add 49 Low-energy positron interactions with xenon 1
Add 50 Change - A Simple Process, Complicated by People 1

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