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Add 1 Midwifery practice during birth: rites of passage and rites of protection 35
Add 2 Nuchal cords: reducing the fear and improving outcomes 34
Add 3 Geographies of the Liminal Dolphin: toward an understanding of the contested spaces of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy 28
Add 4 An exploration of midwifery practice during the second stage of labour 19
Add 5 Causal Layered Pedagogy: Introducing a futures oriented curricula innovation 13
Add 6 Chemico: Evaluating performance based on the Balanced Scorecard 12
Add 7 Refugee and Asylum Seeker Issues in the Australian Region: media framing and border policing 12
Add 8 The anterior cervical lip: how to ruin a perfectly good birth 12
Add 9 Airbnb: Find a place to stay, Case Study 10
Add 10 Anti-Racist Cultural Competence: Challenges for Human Service Organizations 10
Add 11 Holocene evolution of the Sunshine and Fraser Coasts, Queensland - Insight from Palaeochannels and Palaeoshorelines 8
Add 12 Work-Life Balance: Towards an Integrated Conceptual Framework 8
Add 13 Pre-packaging preschool literacy what drives early childhood teachers to use commercially produced phonics programs in prior to school settings 8
Add 14 Tourism impacts on an Australian indigenous community: a Djabugay case study 8
Add 15 Supporting Emotion Communication in Information Systems 7
Add 16 The crash at Kerang: Investigating systemic and psychological factors leading to unintentional non-compliance at rail level crossings 6
Add 17 An Emotion Network: Enabling Emotion Sharing Through Social Networking 6
Add 18 Measurement of leg blood flow during exercise using strain gauge plethysmography: effect of venous occlusion pressure 6
Add 19 Exploring the role of envy and positional concerns in service experiences: a conceptual model 6
Add 20 Australian Universities, Government Research and the Application of Climate Change Knowledge in Australian Coastal Zone Management 6
Add 21 Exploring the Influence of Decision Style on Decision Support System Acceptance by GPs 6
Add 22 Emotishare: Supporting Emotion Communication through Ubiquitous Technologies 6
Add 23 Skilled-Unskilled Wage Inequality, Technological Progress and Factor Mobility 6
Add 24 Online-Offline Channel Switching Behaviour of Retail Consumers: Towards a Model of Consumer Value 6
Add 25 Ready or not here it comes: Australian institutional research repository data readiness surveys 2010 6
Add 26 Green Man Resurrected: An Examination of the Underlying Meanings and Messages of the Re-Emergence of the Ancient Image of the Green Man in Contemporary, Western, Visual Culture 6
Add 27 What Employers Want: Australian verses American desirable graduate attributes 5
Add 28 Enhancing HRM practice in SMEs using the concept of relationship marketing 5
Add 29 Problems with inter-organisational Information systems: a case study from a United Kingdom training organization 5
Add 30 Weaving pedagogies of possibility 5
Add 31 Managing myrtle rust: a menace to our Myrtaceae 5
Add 32 Effectiveness of a dry-land resistance training program on strength, power and swimming performance in Paralympic swimmers 5
Add 33 IELTS in Context Book 1: A topic and skill based course in reading, writing, listening and speaking for the academic and general modules 5
Add 34 Sustainability Innovators: Agents of change on the Sunshine Coast 5
Add 35 High performance school-age athletes at Australian schools: A study of conflicting demands 5
Add 36 Sustaining the Energy: A Celebration of the life of Judith Ennew 5
Add 37 Street-level Bureaucrats: can they deliver? 5
Add 38 Beyond Knowledge: A Neo-Research Approach to Enhance Climate Change Adaptation 5
Add 39 Information systems software and the changing work place: Implications for the administrative burden on Academics 5
Add 40 Examining price promotions, venue and place of residence as predictors of alcohol consumption 5
Add 41 A Portal-Based Web Service Development Using a Mashup Approach 5
Add 42 Newspaper Blogs: The Genuine Article or Poor Counterfeits? 5
Add 43 Anime in Asia: Why not Japanese? Rethinking the Local-Global Nexus 5
Add 44 The role of consumer self-concept in marketing festivals 5
Add 45 First Year at Risk Intervention Pilot Project: An intervention to support first year students experiencing early assessment failure 5
Add 46 A commentary on the Greater Sunshine Coast economy, June 2014 5
Add 47 Business Continuity Planning: A Strategic Dilemma? 5
Add 48 Future battlefield visualisation: investigating data representation in a novel C4i system 5
Add 49 Plant pathogen incursion: surveillance in Queensland 5
Add 50 Dingo diet and prey availability on Fraser Island 5

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