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Add 1 Midwifery practice during birth: rites of passage and rites of protection 11
Add 2 Hamlet.Psyched. 7
Add 3 Teaching: Making a Difference 7
Add 4 Nuchal cords: reducing the fear and improving outcomes 7
Add 5 Book Review: The Return of Depression Economics 6
Add 6 High Performance School-age Athletes: A Study of Conflicting Demands 5
Add 7 An Expanded PD Phylogenetic Diversity Toolbox Integrates DNA Barcoding into Biodiversity Assessments in the Tropics 5
Add 8 Teaching: Making a Difference, 2nd edition 5
Add 9 Airbnb: Find a place to stay, Case Study 5
Add 10 Dingo diet and prey availability on Fraser Island 5
Add 11 Monthly and seasonal rainfall in Australia: distribution, consistency and predictors 5
Add 12 “I drove after drinking alcohol” and other risky driving behaviours reported by young novice drivers in Queensland, Australia 5
Add 13 Incorporating the spatial access priorities of fishers into strategic conservation planning and marine protected area design: reducing cost and increasing transparency 4
Add 14 Neglecting conservation value of degraded tropical landscapes? Tree diversity following shifting cultivation in the upland Philippines 4
Add 15 Issues of Adoption of Information Technology (IT): Barriers and Rewards in the Sunshine Coast Sub Tropical Fruit Growers IT Group 4
Add 16 A typology of international student community engagement 4
Add 17 Mind Games and the cabaret persona: The challenges of manipulating persona within an intimate space 4
Add 18 Tension as inspiration: performing depression and bi-polar disorder for a cabaret audience 4
Add 19 Molecular genetic diversity and population structure in Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. pauciflora (Myrtaceae) on the island of Tasmania 4
Add 20 An exploration of midwifery practice during the second stage of labour 4
Add 21 A design induced war? Examining the influence of road design on interactions between drivers and two wheeled road users 4
Add 22 Ergonomic challenges for digitisation: learning from the analogue mission planning process 4
Add 23 Myrtle rust - an ecological and commercial threat 4
Add 24 Embracing Disgrace: Writing from the Dark Side 4
Add 25 Sandy beach ecosystems: key features, sampling issues, management challenges and climate change impacts 4
Add 26 Revealing and Revolting: Homosexual and Transgender Panic In Two Australian Films 4
Add 27 Book Review: Making the grade: A guide to successful communication and study 3
Add 28 A Collective Artefact Design of Decision Support Systems: Design Science Research Perspective 3
Add 29 Autoantibodies to iron-binding proteins in pigs infested with Sarcoptes scabiei 3
Add 30 Using DNA Barcodes to Assess Phylodiversity and Conservation of SE Queensland Rain Forests 3
Add 31 Evaluating the Infiltration Performance of Eight Dutch Permeable Pavements Using a New Full-Scale Infiltration Testing Method 3
Add 32 Development and characterization of microsatellite loci for Ocotea species (Lauraceae) threatened with extinction 3
Add 33 Learning from the masters: Ann Moir-Bussy in conversation with Professor Catherine Sun Tien-Lun on her book Themes in Chinese Psychology 3
Add 34 Cognitive behavioral game design: a unified model for designing serious games 3
Add 35 Satisfaction with Sunshine Coast Tourist Attractions: The influence of individual visitor characteristics 3
Add 36 Edutainment in the Field using Mobile Location Based Services 3
Add 37 The Nexus of Food Systems, Governance and Resilience on the Edge: A Case Study of the Sunshine Coast 3
Add 38 Applied theatre for social change: a community development Project 3
Add 39 Human factors methods: a practical guide for engineering and design. Second Edition 3
Add 40 How can Service-Oriented Architecture drive service innovation in newly emerging service systems? 3
Add 41 The language(s) of Love: JRB Love and contesting tongues at Ernabella Mission Station 3
Add 42 Differences in the resource intake of two sympatric Australian stingless bee species 3
Add 43 Exercise and nutritional benefits for individuals with a spinal cord injury or amputation 3
Add 44 Acute and Long-Term Power Responses to Power Training: Observations on the Training of an Elite Power Athlete 3
Add 45 Controlling test case explosion in test generation from B formal models 3
Add 46 Exploring the influence of social media in destination choice: an innovative use of the laddering technique in interviews 3
Add 47 Biomechanical analysis of a rugby pass from the ground 3
Add 48 The Effect of Tourism on Water Quality and Coral Reef Communities 3
Add 49 Corymbia species and hybrids: chemical and physical foliar attributes and implications for herbivory 3
Add 50 Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa 3

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