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Add 1 Midwifery practice during birth: rites of passage and rites of protection 4
Add 2 This record does not have a title 2
Add 3 A Profile of the Australian Seafood Consumer 2
Add 4 Service support for student learning 2
Add 5 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Strategic Implementation and Online Disclosure of the Mining Industry 2
Add 6 This record does not have a title 1
Add 7 This record does not have a title 1
Add 8 Regulation of gonadotropin subunit genes in tilapia 1
Add 9 Unfit for Duty? Evaluation of 4 Years of Paramedic Preemployment Fitness Screening Test Results 1
Add 10 Differential expression profiling of components associated with exoskeletal hardening in crustaceans 1
Add 11 This record does not have a title 1
Add 12 Sustainable development: A term yet to penetrate public consciousness 1
Add 13 Response to Constant and Interval Exercise Protocols in the Elderly 1
Add 14 The characterization of synthetic and natural-product pharmaceuticals by electrospray ionisation-mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) and liquid chromatography (LC)-ESI-MS 1
Add 15 Intra-genus variation in mitochondrial minichromosome composition among Haematopinus sucking lice 1
Add 16 Visual Displays that Directly Interface and Provide Read-Outs of Molecular States via Molecular Graphics Processing Units 1
Add 17 Social Capital and Knowledge Cities: Emphasising New Epistemological Frameworks for Sustainable Societies in Urban Planning 1
Add 18 Sports technology provides an objective assessment of the Paralympic swimming classification system 1
Add 19 Sustainable Pavement Maintenance and Preservation Practices: Review of Current Practice 1
Add 20 Sports journalism ethics in broadsheet newspaper organisations in India, Australia and the UK 1
Add 21 Resistance to organizational change: the role of cognitive and affective processes 1
Add 22 This record does not have a title 1
Add 23 Museum, memorial, mall: postcolonialism, pedagogies, racism and reconciliation 1
Add 24 Control of nut abscission in macadamia 1
Add 25 This record does not have a title 1
Add 26 African and Australian Insect Repellents for Malaria Prophylaxis 1
Add 27 The dominance of risk assessment in child protection: Is it risky? 1
Add 28 Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Success in Fiji: What are their implications? 1
Add 29 The anterior cervical lip: how to ruin a perfectly good birth 1
Add 30 Use of wireless tablet PCs as an effective learning and teaching enhancement tool 1
Add 31 Pandemic influenza containment and the cultural and social context of Indigenous communities 1
Add 32 Equity and access issues in the educational use of learning management systems (LMS) in a globally networked society 1
Add 33 This record does not have a title 1
Add 34 Sustainable tourism in Cambodia: a systematic literature review 1
Add 35 Contemporary Approach to Writing Non-Linear Online Learning Resources 1
Add 36 Letter to the editor: Factors affecting the effectiveness of topical NSAIDs 1
Add 37 Investigation of the ultimate behaviours and FEA of wood stressed-skin panels 1
Add 38 Liquidity Analysis Using Cash Flow Ratios and Traditional Ratios: The Telecommunications Sector in Australia 1
Add 39 Reconstructing tropical paleoshorelines using archaeological data: examples from the Fiji Archipelago, southwest Pacific 1
Add 40 Injuries to the triceps surae muscle of elite rugby union front rowers: A 3 dimensional kinematic analysis of the front row during live scrimmaging 1
Add 41 Revisiting School Reform 20 Years Later 1
Add 42 The importance of interpersonal communication skills in intercultural contacts 1
Add 43 The force-time profile of elite front crawl swimmers 1
Add 44 The Relationship Between Oxygen Consumption And Muscle Oxygenation During A Ramp Test To Exhaustion In Well-Trained Young And Masters Cyclists 1
Add 45 Taming the wild west: Training and supervision in applied sport psychology 1
Add 46 This record does not have a title 1
Add 47 Phylogeny and infrageneric classification of Correa Andrews (Rutaceae) based on nuclear and chloroplast DNA 1
Add 48 The capabilities and performance advantages of market-driven firms: An empirical investigation 1
Add 49 This record does not have a title 1
Add 50 This record does not have a title 1

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