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Add 1 Geographies of the Liminal Dolphin: toward an understanding of the contested spaces of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy 14
Add 2 Holocene evolution of the Sunshine and Fraser Coasts, Queensland - Insight from Palaeochannels and Palaeoshorelines 8
Add 3 Midwifery practice during birth: rites of passage and rites of protection 8
Add 4 Pre-packaging preschool literacy what drives early childhood teachers to use commercially produced phonics programs in prior to school settings 6
Add 5 A desire for weight loss in season increases disordered eating behaviour risk and energy deficiency in athletes 4
Add 6 Effectiveness of a dry-land resistance training program on strength, power and swimming performance in Paralympic swimmers 4
Add 7 An exploration of midwifery practice during the second stage of labour 4
Add 8 Forensic and Offending Behaviours 3
Add 9 Nuchal cords: reducing the fear and improving outcomes 3
Add 10 Writing and presenting in accounting 3
Add 11 Respiratory Assessment Skills for Surgical Ward Nurses: Does using a stethoscope make a difference? 3
Add 12 Methodology and broader implications of young driver research published in Traffic Injury Prevention in the past five years 3
Add 13 Chemico: Evaluating performance based on the Balanced Scorecard 3
Add 14 The anterior cervical lip: how to ruin a perfectly good birth 3
Add 15 Sleep disorder diagnosis: An analytical approach 3
Add 16 Measurement of leg blood flow during exercise using strain gauge plethysmography: effect of venous occlusion pressure 3
Add 17 An assessment of postharvest loss on tomato at different stages of ripeness in Fiji 3
Add 18 This record does not have a title 2
Add 19 Risk factors for peripheral intravenous catheter failure: A multivariate analysis of data from a randomized controlled trial 2
Add 20 Evaluation of Worksafe Victoria’s Employer Performance Management Program: Final Report 2
Add 21 Solution-Focused Nursing: Rethinking Practice 2
Add 22 Cloning of the crustacean hyperglycemic hormone and evidence for molt-inhibiting hormone within the central nervous system of the blue crab Portunus pelagicus 2
Add 23 Performance recovery: Monitoring strategies for tennis 2
Add 24 Development of physical literacy and movement competency: a literature review 2
Add 25 The Effect of Tourism on Water Quality and Coral Reef Communities 2
Add 26 Anterior knee shear and rotation during exercise in ACL injury 2
Add 27 The Role of the Axial Skeleton during Rugby Union Punt Kicking 2
Add 28 Videogames: Dispelling myths and tabloid headlines that videogames are bad 2
Add 29 Environmental performance as a fifth balanced scorecard perspective: The judgemental effects of environmental concern, perception of ecological risk and perception of financial risk 2
Add 30 Green Man Resurrected: An Examination of the Underlying Meanings and Messages of the Re-Emergence of the Ancient Image of the Green Man in Contemporary, Western, Visual Culture 2
Add 31 Reshaping professional identities through collaborative learning partnerships 2
Add 32 Effects of trx versus traditional resistance training programs on measures of muscular performance in adults 2
Add 33 Sensewear armbands differentiate contribution of select group exercise programs to daily activity requirements 2
Add 34 IELTS in Context Book 2: A topic and skill based course in reading, writing, listening and speaking for the academic and general modules 2
Add 35 International virtual networking capabilities and firm performance: A study of international entrepreneurial Australian SMEs 2
Add 36 Biomechanical symmetry differences in the goalkeeping diving save 2
Add 37 Career Barriers Perceived by Hard-of-Hearing Adolescents: Implications for Practice From a Mixed-Methods Study 2
Add 38 A comprehensive ovine model of blood transfusion 2
Add 39 Teaching: Making a Difference, 2nd edition 2
Add 40 Are Disadvantaged Students Unmotivated to Read? An Interview Study of Engaged and Disengaged Readers in Low SES Australian Schools 2
Add 41 Families in Transition: Early Parenting 2
Add 42 The X, Y and Z of Generations in Schools 2
Add 43 Using critical reflection to improve feminist practice 2
Add 44 Threshold concepts in spatial sciences 2
Add 45 Airbnb: Find a place to stay, Case Study 2
Add 46 Trainee Action Researchers seeking constructive criticism on a process for formalising staff and student Learning Communities at the University of the Sunshine Coast 2
Add 47 A commentary on the Greater Sunshine Coast economy, June 2014 2
Add 48 This record does not have a title 1
Add 49 This record does not have a title 1
Add 50 How international entrepreneurial characteristics influence Internet capabilities for the international business processes of the firm 1

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